Sunday, January 23, 2011

A food post...

This weekend as I was preparing my menu and my food for the week, I wanted something different for breakfast. Biscuits sounded delicious, but traditional biscuits are not "Primal". Bummer. Well, since I have had great luck with her recipes before, I decided to try the biscuit recipe from Elana's Pantry.

I cut mine square instead of round, so I could make little ham/egg biscuits for breakfast with them during the week. The recipe made 9 squares.

Here they are baking:

And here's the finished product:

They are not exactly "grandma's buttermilk biscuits" but they are very delicious, light and airy, and have the taste and feel of "bread". They have a high fat content, and come out to about 320 calories each, 12g of protein, 6g carbs, making a filling, high protein breakfast, when adding an egg and a piece of ham.

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