Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rowing day.

5 Rounds, each for time of:

500 Meter row
Rest 5 minutes between each round.

Compare to July 9, 2010

My times:

1- 2:05.4

2- 2:05.5
3- 2:08.0
4- 2:08.5
5- 2:06.3

I didn't set any records today, but I felt good about my efforts. Most of my times were faster than the July times, but I had some WAY faster times back in April.

I've been thinking about how my performance has these peaks and valleys and how diet has an effect on everything. I've been eating primal for a while now, and the fat content of my overall diet is pretty high. Previous to eating primal I had a fairly healthy diet, but with a lower fat content.

Primal Blueprint encourages fat consumption. - "good fats", meaning animal fat, coconut oil, olive oil, etc., which is what I'm doing. Anyway, I heard about a study a while back that showed decrease in energy levels the morning after consuming high fat meals, but I didn't think much of it at the time. Now, looking at my current and past performance levels, in conjunction with my current and past fat intake, I really think that's what's going on here. I think I need decrease my fat intake and see if my performance gets back to the level of where it was in April & May this year. Which, really leans more towards "paleo", since they advocate the leanest cuts of meat, etc. In any case, I'm going to give it a try...keep eating whole, natural foods and cut back on the fat. We shall see!

Warm-up today included 2 minutes each for max reps:

Sit ups: 60
Push ups: 29
Pull ups: 15 (one max set) And...this is a PR for me. Ha ha. But hey, I'm not ashamed. It's a PR!!!!

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