Friday, November 5, 2010

Primalish Brownies

When I'm home alone, I can't seem to stay out of the kitchen, simply because I love to cook. I would cook all day long if someone would clean up after me and eat all the food. :)

Today I wanted something sweet, but it had to fit in with the Primal Blueprint, so I decided to try this almond butter brownie recipe from Elena's Pantry. She uses Agave Syrup, which I replaced with honey, and I went with an 85% cocao chocolate chips due to the lower sugar content. It is not a 100% primal recipe because of that, but the minimal sugar content makes them close enough to fit the 80/20 principle. And they are delicious!

The cool thing about these brownies is they actually look and taste like there is flour in them, but there is no flour! The main ingredient is almond butter. They turned out pretty good, though next time I think I'd cook them just a little while longer. But if you like your brownies kind of gooey, then the timing recommended in the recipe is perfect.

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  1. Oh awesome! I have some almond flour and no idea what to do with it. Very cool. Thanks for posting.