Thursday, February 7, 2013


3 Rounds for reps of:

1 Minute of double unders (5 double unders = 1 point)
1 Minute of dumbbell ground to overhead (Men 45 lbs, Women 30 lb dumbbells)
1 Minute of toes to bar
1 Minute rest

My score w/ 20# DB's

Double Unders: 40, 35, 35 = 22 points
Ground to OH: 10, 10, 10 = 30 points
Toes to Bar: 10, 8, 9 = 27 points
Total: 79 points

Glad this was a short one - any more rounds of this would have just been pure punishment.  In hindsight I should've done the Rx weight for dumbbells.  I forget how much I enjoy those and I can always do more weight than I 'think' I can.  Still a good workout with the 20's though. 

Strength today was the evil Front Squat.  I opted to just do several sets with a 35# bar.  I did do one set of 3 or 4 with 85# since B had it loaded, but my back is not 100% yet so I'm waiting til next week to get back to squatting.

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