Friday, April 13, 2012

“Squat a Ton & Run”

4 Rounds for time of:

Squat one ton
Run 400 meters

- note: you must start with your weights on the ground

One ton=2240 lbs
225 lbs. = 10 reps
205 lbs. = 11 reps
185 lbs. = 12 reps
155 lbs. = 15 reps
135 lbs. = 17 reps
115 lbs. = 20 reps
95 lbs. = 24 reps
65 lbs. = 35 reps
45 lbs. = 50 reps

Your choice of the following 3; back squat, front squat, overhead squat.

My time: 23:34

I chose 115 lbs x 20 reps, and back squats. I did not do it "as prescribed", meaning I squatted from the rack. No way I was cleaning 115 and trying to get it to my back! That would've been certain death. I'm no good at getting the bar to my back even on a lighter weight. So I know, had I been able to clean it and successfully get it overhead, I would've surely crushed my spine with it bringing it down. So to heck with Rx today - I'll take the rack and live to tell about it! :)

I have to say - this was a super fun workout. I actually contemplated doing 45 lbs at 50 reps and if it comes up again I might try that.

The warm up today is a secret we're not supposed to tell. So all I can say is I got 170 reps. Wouldn't want to spoil it for any of the afternoon people who might read this.


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