Thursday, April 19, 2012

DB Snatches

3 Rounds for time of:

12 Dumbbell alternating one arm snatches
21 Ring dips

My time: 6:41 - using 30# DB & very shallow bar dips

I probably should've gone heavier on the dumbbell portion of this since my dips are so sucky. I've really just now started doing dips again recently, after taking about 3 months off from doing them. My first few each round were somewhat decent and then it deteriorated to about an inch after that.

After the WOD I ran an 800m just to fill in the remaining portion of the hour. I like to get in a whole hour of work if I can. Fat never rests. ;)

The strength today was a dumbbell one-arm snatch ladder, 2 reps each arm, 7 sets.

Here are my loads:


And then Kelby wanted to try 50 so I tried it too. Got the first three reps and then the last rep my left arm just caved...wimpy arm!

I love working with dumbbells, so it was a fun morning for me!

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