Friday, September 23, 2011


5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts (Men 155 lbs, Women 100 lbs)
9 Hang power cleans, (Men 155 lbs, Women 100 lbs)
6 Push jerks, (Men 155 lbs, Women 100 lbs)

My time: 16:19, 85 lbs

Almost two full minutes faster than the last time we did this one, however, still not as fast as my 13:10 PR set in April of 2010. I'm starting to get more sleep and keeping my nutrition in good shape, so I think my performance should start improving.

Tomorrow is WARRIOR DASH!!! I'm so excited/nervous. I know I can do, but I've never done a mud run, let alone an obstacle course type thing. I'm sure it'll be a blast getting all dirty though. Haven't done that since I was a kid. Unless you count those rainy camping trips on Boy Scout Camporee's when I was cooking (usually in the rain!) for 80+ people all weekend long.


  1. 2min. Faster thar is really a nice improment! And really Nice to hear thar you are getting some sleep :) makes the days a bit easier!!

  2. You are going to do great on the Warrior Dash! Go get them! btw, DT looks fun! I love barbells!