Friday, October 15, 2010


I've had two near-disasters this morning. First, I almost hit a pretty good size deer on my way to the gym. In any vehicle that would be a a tiny sports car, it would be pretty gruesome. But thanks to my cat-like reflexes, I managed to avoid certain death. *giggle*

Then, on my way to work, I almost got run off the road by a little blue-haired old lady in a mini van who needs to give up her right to drive. She appeared surprised that there were other people on the road. But, she was so old I couldn't even be mad at her, honestly. She's probably shaken up for the entire day...poor thing.

Me? I'm fine.


Because I've got 5 days of CrossFit behind me this week, and even though I had to scale down the weight, and it took me longer than everyone else, I actually enjoyed the workout today and I'm feeling strong and happy! Can't beat that!


15-10 & 5 rep rounds for time of:

Hang power clean (Men 135 lbs, Women 95 lbs)
Thruster (Men 135 lbs, Women 95 lbs)

My time: 11:26, scaled to 85lbs

Ten pounds doesn't sound like a whole lot when you are just looking at it in writing, but put it on a barbell and it makes all the difference in the world. I tested 95 lbs on both lifts and in the interest of actually finishing the workout with decent form, decided 85 was the weight to go with.

Strength today was thrusters, from a rack.
Rep scheme: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
My loads: 65, 70, 75, 85, 90, 95, 100

We also ran a 400m for time (level testing). My time was 1:41, not a PR, but fast for me.

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  1. Glad you evaded distasters, vehicular or otherwise :) Wow, even at 85 that sounds brutal (the wod). As for thrusters above 80 lbs, that's nutso. You're strong! (and now I want to try!) ;)