Thursday, October 21, 2010

Squat Cleans

Today's WOD was the workout from the recent Crossfit/USAW competition.

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

6 Squat cleans (Men 125 lbs, Women 70 lbs)
12 Pull-ups
24 Double unders

My total: 2 rounds + 2 Plu

Bleh...double unders just suck. Last time we did them I felt pretty good about them, getting better and more consistent. Well, kiss all that progress goodbye. I know I was trying too hard or something. It was just a freakin' mess, and took me a ridiculously long time to do a set of 24.

But the good part of the WOD was that my form on the squat cleans felt pretty decent. So, I left the gym proud of my effort, despite my lack of big numbers on the WOD.

Strength today was Squat Cleans:

Rep scheme: 5-3-2-1-1-1
My lifts: 65-85-105-115-125 - didn't get in the last lift - ran out of time

I need to learn to release the grip on the bar and get my elbows around faster. The last lift felt a little rough, simply because I still had a tight grip on the bar. Just need to trust my form and not be afraid of releasing the bar as I receive it, because I can go a lot heavier on this lift if I just let go!

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  1. I like the new profile photo and the new goodies (shoes and tank). Fun! I just looked through your laundry list of CF accomplishments and I must say, you are pretty badass lady! Don't sweat the double-unders. Just keep doing them. :)