Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Running!

Each for time of:

1600 Meter run
1200 Meter run
800 Meter run
400 Meter run

Rest exactly 4 minutes between each run.

My Times:
1600 = 9:42
1200 = 7:45

800 = 4:59
400 = 1:59

Neither my fastest times nor my slowest!

This morning was a bit chilly - 48°! I warmed up after the first half mile, but kept my jacket on the entire WOD.

Running felt pretty good this morning; much better than running hills like yesterday afternoon. It's been a while since I've run hills and they kicked my butt yesterday! Plus, I had to contend with DOGS chasing me yesterday. Stupid dogs. If you are a dog owner, please keep your dogs locked up. My heart rate is high enough from running - I don't need any extra excitement of being chased by dogs!


  1. UGH - dogs chasing me would piss me off so bad!! I would seriously consider driving my car back and finding the owners and giving them a lecture! hehe

    When there are runners out while we're walking our dog, I always keep her *well* out of the way. My husband doesn't get why I'm so uptight about it, but it's just courtesy -- I absolutely HATE when I run by dogs on leashes, and the owners let them "pop" out at me. How do I know their dog is friendly?? A totally unleashed dog would make me totally PISSED.

  2. One of my neighbors had a Dalmatian and it would chase me and try to bite. He swore it wouldn't bite, and I told him "That's why dogs have teeth - they ALL bite". I finally took me calling animal control on them enough times that they were fined for letting it run free, and then they penned it up.