Friday, October 1, 2010


50-40-30-20 & 10 rep rounds for time of:
Double unders
Sit-ups (abmat, unanchored)

My time: 12:49 Rx - major PR!

This is the first time ever I didn't absolutely hate Annie. Double Unders are finally starting to click - Yay!! I still look ridiculous jumping around all over the place - I know I'm jumping too high and working way too hard, BUT, I'm getting better at them, and actually had several big sets today. This makes Annie less of a battle with the rope and more of a decent workout for me. Still haven't gotten used to the feel of the abmat, but it makes a huge difference in my abs.

When I got to the 20 rep round, I was smiling because I knew I was going to hit a nice PR today - what a great feeling! I think that thought alone was motivation to do even better with my double unders. The last 10 I had intentions of doing unbroken, but I missed the last one. Bummer. So I did a single and went on my way. I'm all smiles this morning. What a great way to end the week!

The strength component today was power cleans. I'm having some form issues with this lift. Sometimes I think I have it down, and sometimes it just looks like a big bad ugly mess. So, today after trying to add some weight (I only got up to 85 lbs), I dropped back down to 55 and just worked on form for a while.



  1. Congrats on the Huge PR girl! Looks like you've been hittin' some great WODS! Jealous...cannot wait to get back in a box when we get back to the states in a few weeks!

  2. Nothing quite like that first time you do Annie with good double unders -- nice work girl!