Thursday, January 12, 2012


5 Rounds, each for time of:

500 Meter row

Rest 1 minute between each round.

Post each 500 meter row time and total time with rest to response

My row times:


total time 15:53

Normally we do this with 5 minutes rest between rounds. But due to time constraints this morning it was changed to one min rest. I actually preferred it this way, although my row times were slower. Either way, it's a great workout.

We also did front squats. We're in a new 12 week program for front & back squats, although I missed the first week. I lifted with B today, which was nice. I haven't seen her in forever! I used the same weight as her, though she made it look way easier than what I felt it was.

warm up: 5 @ 35, 3 @ 55, 3 @ 85
work sets: 10 sets of 3 @ 120 lbs

I know I'm going to be good and sore from today!!

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