Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Friday!

3 Rounds for time of:
1000 Meter row
50 Thrusters (Men 45 lbs, Women 35 lbs)
30 Pull-ups


Split jerk

I chose the 3 round WOD but modified it to this:

3 rounds for time of
1000 m row
25 thrusters (35#)
10 pull ups

My time: 26:02

The WOD as prescribed is a "Triple Jackie" workout. My best Jackie time is 11:02, and would be more like 15 minutes in the second round and even more in the third. So in the interest of time and still getting a pretty intense workout I scaled. Once again, I appreciate the beauty of CrossFit - scalability! :)

After a short recovery, I still had a few minutes left in the hour so I did several sets of overhead squats with the 35 lb bar. Felt good!


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