Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Morning!

21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:

Handstand push-ups
Knees to elbows

My time: 8:08 - of course my HSPU are not full range yet...still working on it!
(Need to commit to practicing at home!)


Strength Component today was Back Squats:

Warm up:
10 @ 65
5 @ 85
3 @ 125

Work Set:
20 @ 135


We're down to the "teens" on vacation countdown - only 19 more days! I'm so looking forward to 8 glorious days in the warm Jamaican sun, drinking mimosa's for breakfast, scuba diving, snorkeling, dancing, sailing, getting massages, lots of one-on-one time with my hubby, making new friends, staying up late, sleeping in, and an endless supply of Red Stripe! Great motivation for working harder at the gym! Yah mon!

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