Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally Friday!!

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

Double unders – max rep set
200 Meter run

Post double under reps to responses.

Total Double Unders: 83
Running: 9 runs = 1800m

Not a stellar performance by anyone's standards on the double unders. My highest round was 16. But I still am making progress, and I did my best.


I'm so excited for everyone going to Regional's this weekend. I wish I had planned on going as a spectator. I can only imagine how incredible the whole thing will be. After watching video's of other regionals, I was awestruck at how strong and tough the competitors are. Next year I will plan on going to watch, for sure!

However, I am looking forward to a very relaxing weekend lounging around the pool, practicing for vacation, which is only 8 days away now!!!



  1. I can't do more than a single double-under in one row. You are awesome at them!

  2. Well, Dave, I should probably go edit this post. It went like this:
    First round, 4 double
    Second round, 5 double
    Third round, 10 double
    And so on. My highest round was 16. AND for those of us who are not "good" at d/u, the coach allows us to jump single/double/single/double and count the doubles.

  3. OK, well that actually makes a lot of sense. Because if I were to do the WOD "as Rx'd" (without your coach's concession), I would basically have ended up doing 20 double unders and running 4 kilometres!

    But still, I have to "reset" every time I do a double under. I just can't get the rhythm down to do them consecutively. I would do them more often, but my jumprope broke a few weeks back.