Monday, April 5, 2010


I woke up this morning when the alarm went off and thought to myself..."it's going to be either Fran or Kelly this morning". I guess I'm glad it was Fran - it's more of a mental game, whereas Kelly is just a total bitch all the way around.

So, last time I did Fran was my first time to do it Rx and I disappointed myself with a 10:01. This time I just wanted under that 10 minute mark, and I managed to do it, but I still want more - better, faster... That's the addictive part of CF, I suppose. I wonder if I can get it under 9 minutes some day? 8? 7? It's not possible to get any younger, but apparently it's possible to get faster.


Thrusters (65 lbs)
Pull ups

My time: 9:25 - this is a PR by 36 seconds.


CFJ started a Paleo/Zone challenge today. They did body fat measurements on Saturday but I missed that because of Ella's birthday party. I do not intend to do Paleo or Zone either one, but have been diligently counting my calories and eating the best possible foods since mid-January, with "cheat" meals only on Friday nights and I'm down 5 lbs since January. I feel like what I'm doing is working pretty well, so I'll stick with it.


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  2. Dave,
    I think my bottlneck on Fran is the Pull-ups, honestly. I just need to get faster/stronger on those and not break them up so much. If I can get larger unbroken sets, I can get this down below 8 minutes, I'm sure of it. Back when I was using a band for pull ups and I could fly through them I had good Fran times, and I was using prescribed weights on the thrusters. So, it's the pull ups.

  3. My bottleneck is the pullups as well, definitely. Like you, they are just too broken up right now for me to get my fastest time. Right now my PR sits at 9:10, which I got at my LI cert, so I'm almost afraid to try it again, for fear that my time will get higher! heh

    9:25 is awesome, and again I'm smiling because for so many benchmarks you and I are totally on the same page. I don't have a female at my gym to compete with, so it's fun for me to read what you do and have a badass lady to "match up" against. :-D