Thursday, April 22, 2010


100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

My time: 29:33 Rx (PR!! woo hoo!!!)

Compare to 6/15/09 - 37:50

I was so excited to see there was no running this morning and then, Breck cracked that little evil grin of his and told us he had a good warm up for us, and I immediately knew it would be a mile run. And of course, it was. We had 15 minutes to complete the mile and then find our max snatch, or practices snatches. I didn't sandbag on the run, but I focused on my breathing pattern, since this seems to be the stumbling block for me. Normally it takes me about 3/4 mile to get my breathing settled into a decent pattern. Today, however, about the 800m mark, I was set in a pattern and then was able to focus on that for a while. In the last half mile, I picked up my speed a tiny bit while still concentrating on the breathing. I wasn't fast by any means, but the exercise with the breathing pattern was worthwhile.

Mile run: 10:14

Didn't leave myself a whole lot of time to work on snatches. Shared a bar with B and Barrett and we just did 65 lbs, a couple reps each.

A good day at CFJ!


  1. Angie as prescribed?! Way to go! And you dropped EIGHT minutes from a year ago? That's awesome. Now I want to do this workout...

  2. Yep - eight minutes! I love seeing the improvement in myself lately, and I give so much credit to the coach at our affiliate for motivating me. World of difference from where I was before.