Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mdness

Fun workout this morning.  I was sore all weekend, and hurting.  And, as per usual, working out makes me feel better.  How the heck does that work?? 

My husband and I have, over the past 48 hours or so, gone from thinking we were going to buy a travel trailer, to finding out our shop is just inches too short to store the one we wanted.  And then we went through all the mental gymnastics of storing one outdoors, winterizing, de-winterizing, loading, unloading, cleaning, covering, uncovering, etc., to the point it was starting to sound like work - a lot of work. And we made the decision not to buy one. Now we feel like we're thousands of dollars ahead, and we'll just go rent a cabin somewhere when we decide to go camping.  Guess we were bored this weekend.  Ha!!

Anyway...back to CrossFit:

12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:

Front squat (Men 185 lbs, Women 125 lbs)
Burpee pull-ups

My time:  9:20, scaled to 105#

Glad I scaled this one.  I was able to do the squats unbroken, and keep the intensity up the entire workout.  Good times!  ;)

The strength today was...well...I screwed it up.  I was one of those people who fails to pay attention when Breck is talking.  Usually I'm front and center, listening intently.  But today I just kinda goofed it all up.  I think it was supposed to be something like:

2 squat cleans + 2 front squats at 70%
2 squat cleans + 2 front squats at 75%
and blah blah...something got lost in there and I just did 5 sets instead of repeating weights

My weights:  85-95-105-115-125(?)

I'll pay better attention tomorrow.  Now that I have all that travel trailer stuff off my mind. 

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