Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Monday!

With a 20 minute time cap, try to complete for time:

4 Rope climbs
40 Hand release push-ups
3 Rope climbs
30 Hand release push-ups
2 Rope climbs
20 Hand release push-ups
1 Rope climb
10 Hand release push-ups

My time:  17:41 - modified

My first rope climb was uneventful.  The second one I lost my foot-hold at the top, and scared myself half to death.  I descended rather rapidly, thankful for my gloves.  The next climbs were maybe half way up the rope, due to my newly regained fear of falling.  On the remaining rounds I did 1/2 to 3/4 climbs.  My last climb was about 1 foot from the beam.  Just have to be sure to lock in my feet and not freak out when I lose it...and always hang on tight.  Ha ha!!

Our strength today was another WOD, really.

20 minutes
Even minutes do 6 OHS
Odd minutes do 12 deadlifts
I chose 55 lbs for my weight, and it was plenty.  I was able to get super deep in my squats, and not break my wrists trying.

Tomorrow is Grace.  Yikes!

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