Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making CrossFit Work for You!

It is so easy to get caught up on the whole "prescribed" thing, and I admit, I push myself to go Rx as often as possible.  Heck, it's a big ego boost to be able to do a WOD as Rx, and occasionally keep up with the big dogs, or should I say, the young pups.  I mean, I'm 50 years old, and on the rare occasion I can go Rx and maybe out perform or at least get close to beating someone 20 years younger - it's an amazing feeling!

But, I also know my body and I know when I need to back off just a little.  Lately I've been scaling weights and reps to suit how I'm feeling that day (tendonitis is killing me lately), and still be able to maintain the intensity of a workout.  I'm still getting a great workout, but I don't feel totally beat down afterward. 

Basically, I'm making CrossFit work for me!  And there's absolutely no shame in that.  Make it work for you - you're paying for it!!

And with that being said, I scaled the WOD today.  Actually, I scaled the scaled version, even further!  ;)

5 Rounds for time of:

30 Overhead walking lunge steps (Men 45 lb plate, Women 25 lb plate)
7 Muscle ups
Substitute 10-15 Ring dips or bar dips or 7 Chest to bar burpee pull-ups for muscle ups.

My time:  16:41, scaled to 5 burpee pull-ups per round

I'm pretty sore from Monday & Tuesday, and these lunges are going to compound that even further.  Some odd part of me kind of enjoys being sore. I know that's probably some mental condition, for which I should seek help.  This was a fun workout, but took way longer than I thought it would.  I started out being able to do 15 lunges before resting, and toward the end I was breaking them up into more manageable chunks of 5 or 7 or sometimes 3.  


4 rounds

30 seconds to do 5 deadlifts
30 seconds to do 7 TTB
30 seconds to do 4 hang power cleans
30 seconds to do 7 TTB
30 seconds to do 3 front squats
30 seconds to do 7 TTB
30 seconds to do 2 shoulder to overhead
30 seconds to do 7 TTB
30 seconds to do 1 clean & Jerk

Just to be clear, scaling is vastly different than sandbagging...which I did on the strength today.  For some reason I thought it was just one round and so I broke down my bar and put away my weights after one round.  (Also I was only doing sets of 3 TTB).  When I figured it out (saw everyone else still working)  I was too lazy to re-load my bar, so I just worked on Toes to Bar, and visited with B. 

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