Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fight Gone Bad...Gone Bad

Okay, first the good news - I PR'd my split jerk today.   Woo hoo!!!  That's right, 140 lbs overehead, and it felt awesome, as in I could've maybe gone higher.  It was a confidence booster, let me tell ya!

I was so excited about it I posted it on FB first thing this morning.  And husband's cousin, bless her heart, she always has to tell me things like "you're going to hurt your back", and on and on.  Really?  Way to take my biggest accomplishment of the last few months and chastise me about it.  Thanks.  Geez.  Seriously, people.  She has no idea...just no idea.  So I didn't respond or react.  Let her think she knows it all.  I know I'm using good form and I'm more likely to hurt my wrist than my back on a jerk.  Ah well.  I still set a PR and she didn't.  Ha ha!!

I SET A PR TODAY!   ****happy dance*****

And then we did Fight Gone Bad, and I totally sucked.  Ha ha!

My score was 203.  I started with rowing, which I realize was a mistake.  And I obviously rested way too much.  But I still got a good workout and it was a great morning (see above).

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