Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paying for my sins...

Tough day at CFJ for me. I spent last Thursday through Sunday, partying like I'm in my twenties. I'm not in my twenties by a long shot!! And I am feeling it today. I took a "recovery" day yesterday with good nutrition and no alcohol, but I'm still feeling all the bad stuff from last week. This workout kicked my butt!!

50 Reps for time of:

Dumbbell burpee complex
(With dumbbells do a push-up, squat clean, thruster complex)

Post dumbbell load and time to responses.

My time: 19:43, with 25 lb dumbbells

Wendler Deadlift

warm up sets:
5 @ 90
5 @ 110
3 @ 130

work sets:
5 @ 145
5 @ 170
5 @ 190

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