Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Forget Your Gloves!

I walked out of the house without my gloves this morning. My tender little baby hands did not like pull ups without gloves. Ha! I know, I am the anti-badass, right?

I wear gloves. It's a thing. All the cool kids are doing it!!


3 Rounds for max reps of:

1 Minute of pull-ups
1 Minute of box jumps (Men 24″ box, Women 20″ box)
1 Minute of push-ups (Hands released at the bottom)
1 Minute of double unders
1 Minute of sit-ups (anchored with hands touching floor at the bottom and hands touching anchors at the top, no abmat)
1 Minute of rest

My total reps: 268

here's how it breaks down

PLU: 8 - 10 - 9
BX: 15-15-13
P/U: 17-17-17
DU: 18-19-15
SU: 30-33-32

As you can see, the sit-ups were the only thing that saved me from an embarrassingly low score. It's low enough, but the sit-ups are my saving grace. If I had my damn gloves, I could have easily doubled my pull up numbers. Everything else would have remained exactly the same. But it was a fun workout, any way you look at it.

SO...are YOU entering the Warrior Dash? Have you ever done one?
check it out

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