Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Observations on Obesity

One does not need to look far these days to notice the astounding number of grossly obese people in our population. I don't understand how a person goes from just a few extra pounds to huge rolls of billowing fat, bursting at the seams of their clothes, limiting their range of motion and making it difficult to breathe. How do you just give up and accept that as your state of being? How do you cross that line?

Last week during my vacation, I allowed myself some "conventional" foods and a little extra alcohol. After all, it's vacation. Time to let loose, indulge a little. I figure I might pick up a couple of pounds, but I'll take it right back off as soon as I return to my reasonable, normal eating habits. I would never let it get past that - just a week of indulgence is plenty! Just a couple of pounds is manageable and easy to take off.

My husband was recently in the hospital, and I noticed that about 80% of the staff (nurses, orderlies, etc.) were obese. These people are trained in how to care for the human body, but the information seems lost on them.

One lady in the admissions office was so obese, her eyes were squished almost shut from the fat on her face. It made me sick and sad and astounded that someone could get up day after day after day and accept that as "normal". I watched as she paid for a pizza delivery of about 10 pizzas, and the rest of her obese co-workers came up to retrieve it. I don't understand it how you look like that and continue to eat the very things that are making you that way. I wanted to jump up and scream "DON'T EAT THAT - IT'S KILLING YOU!!!" But I kept my mouth shut and just felt sad for them.

Sad...because it's so easy to eat right and exercise. Sad because they don't care enough about their own well being to change a few simple things and better their lives - heck extend their lives! I know for someone that big it would be a long process to get rid of the fat, but anyone can do it. Anyone can choose to eat the right things and exercise. I just wonder why they don't. I wonder how they came to a point of acceptance with being the size of a Smart Car.

I wonder if there will ever come a day in our society when this trend begins to reverse itself? I certainly hope so. I try to set an example with my coworkers, and there are a couple of people who "get it". Even if just one of them gets it, it's worth them laughing at me when I reject the donuts and brownies.

Good health is there for the taking, if only people would open their minds and make the right choices!


run 800 m
30 muscle ups
run 800m

(I subbed 45 pull ups and 45 hspu, split into 3 rounds of 15 each)

My time: 24:30

wendler deadlift - max set of 5 @ 200

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