Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More running...

For time:

Run 800 meters
30 Snatches
Run 800 meters

Post load and total time to comments.

My time: 18:39, 55#

My running is just ridiculous. My first 800 was 5:15. Of course, I guess that's not horrible "for me" - its a 10:30 mile. I know that's abysmally slow, but for me not bad. I just feel so sluggish. I'm sure it's last week's food and stress and lack of sleep doing me in. But, the fun part of this WOD was the snatches. They just felt great and I think my form was pretty good on most of them. I did full squat snatches rather than power snatch - which was an option.

And, our strength today was squat snatch, 1 lift every min for 15 min. I stayed with 55# throughout, to work on my form.

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