Thursday, October 6, 2011


21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:

Box jumps (Men 24” box, Women 20” box)
Dumbbell ground to overhead (Men 45 lb dumbbells, Women 30 lb dumbbells)
Toes to bar

My time: 15:32, scaled to 25 lb DB's

I really thought I'd be faster on this one. I actually jumped down from the majority of the box jumps rather than stepping down like I normally do. I'm trying to improve on this. It was the toes to bar that got me today. I don't know why. I'm usually pretty decent at these. Oh well, it was a good workout, right?

In hindsight I could've done the 30 lb DB's because I was doing snatches with these 25's and not having a lot of trouble. I rested too much on the set of 21 though.

Looking forward to Friday!!

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