Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rope Climbs

...yeah, not so much. Ok, if I'm honest and tried really super hard, I could probably climb the rope all the way up. But somewhere about half way I just chicken out and give up. If there was a soft cushy mat to fall on maybe I'd be less afraid. I don't know. Just haven't faced this demon head-on yet, but I know I need to. Rope climbs are not going away.

For time:
1 Rope climb
20 Push-ups (Hands released at the bottom)
30 Box jumps (Men 24” box, Women 20” box)
2 Rope climbs
30 Push-ups
40 Box jumps
3 Rope climbs
40 Push-ups
50 Box jumps

My time: 21:55, modified rope climbs

So, here's my sub for the rope climbs: from standing to reclining and back to standing, descents/ascents. This is more of a core workout than an upper body workout. You have to keep your body rigid in a plank position the entire time, holding onto the rope, going hand over hand as you lower yourself to the floor, then maintaining that plank position, walk hand over hand back up the rope to a standing position. After a dozen of these, my abs are already sore. Yay! I had an awesome workout, and I'm feeling it all over.

strength today was snatch balance

5 @ 40
3 @ 45
2 @ 55
1 @ 60
1 @ 65
1 @ 75

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