Monday, December 10, 2012

Feeling better!

Still not 100% but feeling so much better, I'll call it 99%.  I had a lot of time I could have used for resting over the weekend, but spent it shopping or cooking or wrapping gifts.  I am ready for vacation for some real downtime!

10 Shoulder press (Men 125 lbs, Women 85 lbs)
30 Pull-ups
20 Push press
20 Chest to bar pull-ups
30 Push jerk
10 L-pull-ups

My time:  13:47, w/65# & all kipping plu

 This was a fun one.  Just quick enough to not be mind numbing, but just long enough to be a really good workout.  Pull ups felt pretty good today.  Had some decent sets.  Actually hit 3 good chest to bar in the warm up but opted to just go kipping for the WOD. 

Strength today was front squats:|
Rep scheme:  5-3-2-2-1-1-1

My loads:  65-85-95-105-115-125-140

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