Monday, March 16, 2015

Paying for the Weekend!

Complete the following for time (with a 40 minute cut-off):

1 Mile Run or 70 Burpees (*see special note)
20 Sand Bag Cleans 80/50lbs
30 Handstand push-ups
40 Pull-ups
50 KBS 70/55 or 55/35
60 Sit-ups (ab-mat un-anchored)
70 Burpees or 1 Mile Run (*see special note)
*Special note = The athlete can choose to do the 70 burpees first or the 1 mile run, but has to finish with the opposite. i.e. start with 70 burpees and finish with 1 mile run or start with 1 mile run and finish with burpees.

My score:  made it to 50 burpees at the 40 minute mark

My mile time was abysmally slow - right around 10:30.  The pull ups took me forever, and I split up the kettle bells way to much.  That cost me the last 20 burpees.  That and I really didn't give a rats ass if I finished 70 burpees, honestly.  Ha ha!!  I did push myself, though.  I was probably sweating beer from the weekend, but it felt good to work hard this morning.

Hoping for good workouts the rest of the week.

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