Monday, February 7, 2011

Ugh! I miss CrossFit!!!

I'm still unable to get my car out of the driveway. The roads in our neighborhood are ridiculous. My husband drove me to work in his truck, which we barely got out of the neighborhood. It's not a 4WD, and was sliding all over the place. I hate winter...

Anyway, I was so excited last night - I went over to our big garage, set up my exercise area, made sure I had a place for wall-ball and I've got the pull up bar, with a platform to reach it (it's way too high) and put together a nice mat to do situps/pushups, etc. on.

And I dreamed about my workout all night - what I was going to do, etc. And this morning, I overslept. *curses*

So, no workout for me this morning. This evening, I'm going to get out there and do one. I'm feeing so lazy. I really loved the posted workout at CFJ this morning, and wish I could have done it. I need to lift something heavy. :-)

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