Friday, February 18, 2011

Rest Day

I took a rest day today. (Just because.)

Yesterday evening we had a baby shower for my friend B. Her baby boy, Jaxon, is due in two weeks and she's still going strong at Crossfit. She looks fantastic!

I'm excited for her and I can hardly wait to see her baby!


  1. I have to say Angie, B is an inspiration to all of us. I have never gotten the chance to meet her but we talk about her everyday. :) The 5:30 girls always say to me well B did the work out as rx'd I bet you can try :) Im only 17 weeks pregnant I have no idea how she has pushed so hard and I am amazed by her dedication to Crossfit....Thanks to her I have and will continue to Crossfit until this little one arrives. Thanks B :)

    Oh and Angie thanks for doing your blog, it prepares me for the WOD that is awaiting me at 5:30 :)

  2. Hey Melissa! Thanks for reading! :-) B is like Superwoman to me! You will be glad you are doing CrossFit when your little one arrives. Hang in there. It's all worth it.