Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giving 100%

1200 Meter run
9 Shoulder press (Men 115 lbs, Women 75 lbs)
800 Meter run
15 Push press (Men 115 lbs, Women 75 lbs)
400 Meter run
21 Push jerk (Men 115 lbs, Women 75 lbs)

My time: 22:19, almost Rx*
*used 65 lbs on the shoulder press, 75 lbs on the push press & push jerk

So, look at my time. It's ridiculously slow. But, I am pleased with it. Why? Because I gave absolutely 100% this morning!

My running was abysmally slow, but I pushed the entire way. I decided to scale on the shoulder press because 9 reps at 75 was just not doable for me. This workout reminded me of the days when I first started CrossFit, pushing as hard as I could, and not worrying about if I'm last or what the clock says, but just giving everything I have in order to finish. To me, that is a successful workout. It really helped that a few people stayed behind and cheered me on - Andy, Dylan & Lori - thanks so much. That's another thing I love about CrossFit. Just when you need encouragement, there is usually someone there to push you that last few reps!

I really admire all the fast runners, and the younger, stronger women. However, being realistic is something I've been trying to come to terms with lately. I am strong, but I'm not fast. I can be stronger and I can be faster. Those are both goals of mine; weaknesses to work on. But my realistic, daily goal is to give 100% and to finish the WOD. So, today was a success.

Strength today was Split Jerk
rep scheme: 5-3-2-1-1-1
my loads: 85-105-110-115-115-120

It sure felt good to put something relatively heavy overhead today. No PR's but heavy enough. It's been a while. These lifts felt good and solid. No back pain. Need to work on being fast, and getting my head through. Need to widen my split a bit too.

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  1. I love that! "I gave it 100%"! That's what it's all about. Awesome, Angie.