Thursday, June 3, 2010

“The Oil Man”

3 Rounds for time of:

30 Pull-ups
30 Ring push-ups
30 Sit-ups

My time: 22:56 Rx

The ring push ups were a new element. I'm sure my form could use major improvement, but it was fun to try something new. This workout was a tough one! My pull-ups felt really great today. I had some sets of 10...getting a little more consistent. But by the end I was breaking it down to 4's & 3's and the occasional single when I got too sweaty.

The warm up today included 10 minutes of hell. I mean 10 minutes of double-unders. I managed 87 good solid double unders. B, on the other hand was somewhere in the 500+ area. Amazing...she's just amazing.
*'s that Primal thing working out? Well, let me tell you - it's working quite well! Yesterday I got my first taste of Almond Butter and fell in love. Just a spoonful of it kept me feeling "full" for several hours. Which is a good thing, because I could see going overboard with it if it weren't so filling. We had grilled chicken Caesar salad last night for dinner. It's one of my favorite meals to make, and turns out it's perfectly Primal, and it's so good with the homemade dressing. Yum! But the best part is I'm down another half inch in my waist and another half inch in my hips since I measured last. Can't argue with success like that.

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