Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Two days in a row!

What?  Me blogging regularly?  Probably a fluke.  Ha!

So today we had 15 min and choice of several options, one of which was 100 pull ups.  It's been a long time since I've done 100 pull ups.  I started into it with the idea of "as many as possible", hoping I could get to 100.  I got to 80 and decided to stop...until Breck saw me resting and asked where I was.  Back to the bar to finish up my 100.  I made it in 14:43.  When I got home I discovered some blisters.  My gloves are apparently not tight enough and did some moving around/sliding. 

Shampoo in an open blister is like fire, just FYI.


For Time: 
250m Row or 200m Run
200m Run or 250m Row (opposite of last)
500m Row or 400m Run (opposite of last)
400m Run or 500m Row (opposite of last)
1000m Row or 800m Run (opposite of last)
800m Run or 1000m Row (opposite of last)
** Athletes Choice can Start at Top and Work Down or Start at Bottom and Work Up**

My time:  19:38, Rx

I started with the 1000m row and went down.  My running felt like a nightmare today.  Like how you can't run in a nightmare no matter how hard you try.  Yeah, that.  But I DID IT! 

Cooled down with 50 sit ups and 50 squats.  Trying to do this every day if I have time.  Extra can't hurt, right? 

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