Monday, May 16, 2016

Today, I'm not talking about CrossFit!

I need to go to Target.  I’m out of a lot of things we buy in bulk there. 

I’m also a Christian.  For those of you thinking “Oh I’ve seen her at the pub, and I’ve heard her cuss during a workout” well, guess what…I’m not perfect.  God knows my heart and I know I have things to work on.  I’m a sinner, not a saint, and I’m fully aware of it, and work on myself every day.

So, what to do about going to Target?

First of all, it’s not my place to look up the skirt or down the pants of anyone in the restroom anywhere.  What’s in your pants is your own business.  I had an employee years ago that I swear was a man dressed as a woman, but I hired her anyway.  It was none of my business what was between her legs as long as she kept it there.   She typed a gazillion words a minute and she was a very nice person. That’s all that mattered.  I still have no idea if she was truly a woman or a man.  It didn’t matter.  Her issues were her own, and she did her work. 

Secondly, I’ll address some of my “Christian” friends who are outraged about Target allowing people to choose whatever restroom they gender-identify with.  Do I think it’s  weird that a man wants to be a woman and vice versa?  Yes.  Do I think these individuals probably have mental health issues that need addressed?  Yes, I do!  But that’s none of my business!  Do you think Jesus would have forbidden these people from following him?  Would he have forbidden them from drawing water at the well meant for only “normal” people?  Would he have turned them away from learning the word of God because they were different?  You know the answer and I know the answer – NO! 

Thirdly, who among you with small children actually allows them to run off to the restroom by themselves?!  Are you really going to tell me that you let your 5 year old go unattended to the restroom in big ol’ Super Target?  I’m calling BS on this one, my friends.  I took my son into the women’s room until he was big enough to be embarrassed by it.  At that point I figured he could fend someone off and yell loud enough from the men’s room, that if I needed to rescue him I’d be right outside the door and not hesitate to bust in.  Be a responsible parent.  Watch out for your kids. 

The child molesters and perverts are closer than you think.  Teachers, preachers, uncles, aunts, coaches, daycare workers, babysitters.  Normal looking every day folks - it works for them because they "look" safe.  Meanwhile they're molesting kids left and right while you are worried about a man who thinks he needs to be a woman, and obviously has different issues.

And, just for the record, I’ve gone to pee in many a men’s room.  I didn’t rape anyone.  Nor did anyone rape me.  So, I think this is all a bunch of nonsense.

Jesus gave us a mission to go out and be with the people of the world – all of them – and be disciples to them.  Do you think “throwing stones” at people is going to draw them in to the Body of Christ?  You know the answer, and I know the answer – NO!  It is turning them away and they’ll likely look on you as hateful and judgmental, and get away from “the Church” as far and as fast as they can.  That's not what Jesus wanted of his followers.  Being a Christian is uncomfortable.  It's challenging.  But hating is not part of what we are supposed to do. 

Look, I don’t know all the answers but I do know that there is a lot of hatred going around and a lot of it is coming from the Christian community.  Love one another - that is our greatest commandment!  Are you loving only the people who fit your mold?  Are you just loving “the Christians”?

Take a good hard look at yourself and ask if you’re one of those being hateful about something that amounts to nothing. Ask yourself if you're willing to be kind to everyone, or only the ones you perceive as lovable. 

Oh, and just in case, go pee before you go to Target. Maybe I'll see you there!

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