Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Goals...getting there!

I hit the 10 lb mark today.  TEN POUNDS!!

I haven't been below 160 in over 3 years, and today, I am below 160!! 

Seriously you don't know how badly I have wanted to succeed at this, and have failed repeatedly.  But I changed my outlook and my approach, and I'm stunned at how easy it's been.  Oh, I'm working hard, don't get me wrong. I'm meal planning, weighing and measuring every bite that goes into my mouth, making an effort to go Rx on the workouts.  But it's the nutrition that's done the trick this time around.  Cutting out beer was a major contributor. Also, adjusting my macros to make more sense for my body.  Cutting fat, raising carbs, and honestly my calories are about the same as before. ) Except for all the beer on the weekend.  That was what was derailing me.)  But no more!!  I'm headed for the next 10 lbs and nothing will stand in my way!! 

4 RFT:
40 Double-unders
10 Deadlifts 185/125 RX+ 225/155 55+ 135/95
400m Run
20 Russian KBS 55/35 RX+ 70/55 55+ 45/25

My time:  24:11

Rx weights, but subbed 400m rows for the runs.  It was raining.  Remember, I'm allergic?  Ha ha!  It stopped raining during my second round and I considered running the last 2, but stuck with the rower.  My time would likely have been the same anyway.  I got in just under the cut-off and I was beat!!

The Russian KBS surprised me.  I mean...wtf?  Why is that harder than going fully overhead?  They were awful!  Guess it just works the muscles differently. 

Strength/Skill today was double unders.  I aimed for 125 and made it at the 5 min mark.  My max unbroken set was 26 today.  Twice I hit 26 but tripped on 27.  I think it's as much mental as being out of breath.

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