Friday, May 20, 2016

TGIF and all that jazz.

So, I ran in the rain today.

Breck said it's an old wives tale that you'll get sick from running in the rain.

Guess what?

I'm sick.  Thanks Breck.

Heading out to see if I can get a strep test in a few minutes.  The sore throat came on really fast and I feel like crap. So, better get it checked out. 

In other, more CrossFit related news, I ran a mile under 10 minutes.  My time was 9:52.  This is 50 seconds behind my all-time PR from 2008.  So, not too shabby, considering how much older I am.

10min AMRAP:
5 Burpee Box Jumps/Step ups 24/20″ RX+ 30/24
1 Rope Climb 15′ RX+ Legless 55+ 10′
200m Sprint (1 rep/pt each 100m)
10 Ring Dips RX+ Strict 55+ Bar Dips

My Score:  3 rds + 3 burpee box jumps

I did the 10' rope and bar dips, so "masters".   Good way to end the week, and now I hope this is just a cold and not strep...I have things to do!!!

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