Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sore All Over

I'm torn up!

My traps are sore.
My lats are sore.
My glutes are sore.
My quads are sore.
My abs are sore.
My hands are ripped.

I must be doing something right, huh? 

One more day and I'll get two badly needed rest days.  The 100 pull ups yesterday tore up my hands.  The weighted lunges earlier in the week have my glutes on fire.  All for a good cause, though.  I'm building muscle and hitting goals!  Woo hooo!!!


9min AMRAP:
6 Hang Power Clean 155/105 RX+ 185/125 55+ 125/85
12 Box Jumps/Step-Ups 24/20″
9/6 Barbell Push-Ups
12 Pistols (alternating 6 each leg) RX+ 12 pistols w/25/15lb DB or KB 55+ 12 Goblet Squats 45/25lbs

My rounds/reps:  4 rds + 3 HPC = 147 reps

I used 85#, 20" step ups, regular push ups and 25# goblet squats.  My hands were killing me, so each hang power clean was more and more pain.  I taped up under my gloves but still ended up losing the top of a blister from yesterday.  Ah well, it'll be toughened up by Monday. 

Rest exactly 2min after WOD

Max Reps Hang Power Cleans Unbroken at WOD wt. Can only Rest in Rack and Hang

My reps:  15 @ 85#

Strength today was bench press immediately followed by hang power cleans:

7 @ 65/65
5 @ 70/75
4 @ 75/85
3 @ 80/90
3 @ 80/90

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