Thursday, October 2, 2014


This was not motivation to get out of bed today.  But I'm committed if nothing else, so I dragged my butt out of bed and went and got after it!

For time:
50 Chest to bar pull-ups
50 Burpees

My time:  13:30, PR by 1:09

Now, I did not do this "Rx" (no chest to bar for me these days).  But I willingly did all 50 kipping pull ups.  The closer I got to the end of the pull ups, the more I dreaded the burpees.  Ha!  But there was no avoiding them.  They took me forever.  Or it felt like eternity while I was in the middle of them.  Something about making it to 30 inspired me a little and I just kept pushing.  Of course, I was last to finish, I mean, Hello - it's burpees and pull ups!  Anyway, it felt good to finish the whole thing.  Glad to have that done!

Strength was a 20 rep back squat.  Now, I've looked back on my records and see where I've done a 20 rep back squat at 135#.  I don't have a date recorded for it.  I'm certain it was at the old gym, though, so it's been a good long while ago.  I went with 115 today and felt like it was a pretty good effort; all nice and deep, but still pretty taxing by the end.

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