Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Monday

4 Rounds for time of:

400 Meter run
15 Dumbbell squat cleans (45#, 30#)

My time:  18:43, mod

I used 20# dumbbells on this one.  I probably should've gutted up and gone heavier, but holy moly these were tough enough with 20's.  The squat cleans burn so bad in my quads.  My running felt like I was in a nightmare - legs would barely move, my lungs would not get into a rhythm.  Ugh.  It'll get'll get better.  Right?

Strength today was complicated. 

5 rounds
1st minute 3 shoulder press with 3 second hold at the top
2nd minute 5 push press with 2 second hold at the top
3rd minute 7 push jerk with 1 second hold at the top

I used 55# and it was plenty.  For a Monday.  ;)

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