Thursday, March 20, 2014

So sore!

I'm ridiculously sore from the past two days.  When I attempted my first toes to bar in the warm up, I thought I had ripped an ab muscle or something.  They were on fire from the GHD sit ups on Tuesday.  And squats - Ouch!!  I knew to expect this, though.  Any time I miss more than a couple days of CrossFit, it's like starting all over again with the soreness. 

Hoping to get out for a nice run this weekend if the weather cooperates.  That always helps with soreness.

As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
5 Chest to bar pull-ups
15 Double unders
As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of:
7 Toes to bar
7 Ring dips
Athletes choice on which WOD to start with.

WOD 1, with Kipping pull-ups = 5 rounds even
WOD 2, with jumping ring dips/negatives = 3 rds + 1ttb

Strength today was Front Squats.  I've skipped almost the entire front squat program because Thursday was my rest day for several weeks, and then the surgeries, blah blah blah.  Anyway,  I went kinda light today.

My loads:
5 @ 65
3 @ 75

2 @ 85
10 x 3 @ 85

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