Friday, June 7, 2013

TGIF - again!

Wow!  Where did the week go?  I thoroughly enjoyed CrossFit this week.  Sure, the workouts were tough, and I had to scale a few things, but I worked super hard and I'm feeling it.  And, as always, I'm ready for the weekend.

Today was another action packed hour.  First we did 10 x 100m sprints.  Well, everyone else sprinted.  I jogged.  Actually on the very last one I did sprint.  I don't know how they do it, run full-out sprints like that 10 rounds in a row.  I'd be dead.  But I'm good for one every now and then.

Next was the Torture Component.  I mean the Strength Component:

400m barbell carry (men: body weight, women: 0.68 body weight)
3 power clean penalty for every time you drop the bar.

I went with the Rx weight of 105 lbs for my 157 body weight.  Got it up on my back, made about 1/3 of the course and dropped it.  Not because it was heavy, but because it was killing my spine and my overactive imagination ran wild and I convinced myself I was going to have permanent damage to my spinal cord, as in, paralyzed from the neck down.  (Ha ha.  Yeah.  My mind works like that.  You get used to it after a while.)


I dropped it.  

Rested a half minute, did my three cleans and could not for the life of me get that bar back over my head and onto my back.  So I carried it in a front rack position for a while.  Dropped it. Skipped the extra cleans. Deadlift carried it for a while.  Drop.  Front rack.  Drop.  Deadlift.  Rinse, repeat, about a total of 6 drops and finally I made it back to the gym in the blazing fast time of

8:16    Pretty sure no one will beat that time today!! 

And since that wasn't enough, we did:

Double Unders
Sit ups (I anchored)

My time:  11:26 Rx  - 3 second PR, thank you very much!

TGIF Boys & Girls!!

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