Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tabata Tuesday

The warm up was a Partners Tabata WOD.  Partners alternate work and rest for each of the 8 Tabata cyles.  My partner was Jennifer C.

1st round - Pull ups
2nd round - toes to bar
3rd round - Handstand Push ups
4th round - dips
5th round - burpees

We got a total of 244 reps, with mine being 135 and hers being 109.  I don't have the breakdown for individual exercises. 

Then we had a tabata Back Squat WOD for the strength.  My partner for this was B:

Rx weight for women was 155 lbs
Our total reps were 41 with B's reps being 20 and mine being 21.   

I really enjoyed the back squats.  Fun!

Then came the actual published WOD:
With a partner complete for max reps:  My partner was Jennifer C.

6 Two minute rounds of:
Row (calories)
Box jumps (Men 24” box, Women 20” box)
Both working at a time (one person on the row and the other doing box jumps for a full round (two minutes) and then they switch). Clock does not stop and there are no rest breaks b/w rounds.

Our total reps:  385
Our rowing calories:  115

Our Box Jumps*: 280

*we stepped the box instead of jumping.

Also, I am not completely positive about our total, as I couldn't read my own damn writing on the little slip of paper I wrote everything down on before leaving the box today.  *sigh*  But it was damn close.

Also, I need to point out that I fell on the 2nd box jump.  How does one fall without even jumping?  I still don't know how it happened, but I damn near face-planted on the corner of the box.  I had no time to be embarrassed, however.  Had to shake it off and get right back to work.  This was a tough one!!  Whew!!

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