Friday, June 27, 2014


What a crazy week this has been.  I've been scrambling to get everything in place for a new company before today, so I can go on vacation.  The last pieces of all this are falling into place today.  It's like I've been running a marathon at work.  I'm ready to relax on the beach. 

On top of the work stress, somehow I have managed to pinch a nerve in my neck and it is excruciating when I move the wrong way.  It hurt just to pick up a barbell today.  We did some back squats with the bar and I decided it wasn't worth the pain.  So I did a leisurely row while everyone else back squatted.

Instead of the posted WOD I did:


150 wall ball shots for time

My time:  10:22 - scaled

Yes, I even scaled this!  I used an 8 lb ball and my time still sucked.  The humidity this morning made me feel like I was really working hard, though.  Ha ha!

And with that, I'm off to work, and then off to Jamaica tomorrow to enjoy the sand and the sun and the sea.  Ahh....


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