Monday, June 16, 2014

Tough Monday!

Let's start with I'm exhausted from laying sod and shoveling dirt ALL DAY Saturday.  Seriously Exhausted, even after a half day of rest.  The weight for the workout didn't seem that daunting at first glance, but that's a whole lot of thrusters, let me tell ya!!

For time:

20 Power snatch (Men 95#, Women 65#)
40 Thrusters
60 Hang power cleans

My time:  12:49, Rx

I did the snatches in two sets of 10.  My intent with the thrusters was to start with a set of 10, but I ended up doing 8 sets of 5.  It was the only way I could mentally get through it without breaking down.  Every time I picked up the bar I thought, "okay, I'll do 8 this time" and every single time I did 5.  Ha ha!!  I did the cleans in sets of 10 and  tried not to rest too much between.  Didn't mind the cleans at all, just got super winded.  All in all, a nice start to the week with just barbell work.  But it was tough!

Strength was the complex of 2 power snatch-4 thrusters-6 hang power cleans - without putting the bar down.

My loads:  45-55-65-70-75

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