Friday, February 27, 2015

CF Open WOD 15.1 & 15.1a

Workout 15.1
Complete as many rounds as possible in 9 minutes of:

15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts 115/75
5 power snatches 115/75

My score:  2 rds + 2 snatches = 87 Reps, Rx

Workout 15.1a
6 minutes to find 1-rep-max clean and jerk
Perform both workouts on a 15-minute clock, start Workout 15.1a immediately after finishing 15.1.

My loads:  75, 95, 115, 125
(attempted 130 and failed the jerk

I did not sign up for The Open this year due to my ongoing illness.  Holy crap this last 5 weeks has knocked me for a loop, strength-wise. 

However... I feel like I did pretty good today.  The TTB killed my time - got me super winded and I really broke them up way too much.  The deadlifts are where you catch your breath.  No need to break them up, just smooth steady pace.  I dropped the bar after each snatch.  The very first snatch of each round was an eye opener.  75 lbs felt like 150 on the first lift, but after that they go pretty smoothly.  I would have like to have gotten 3 full rounds, but the ttb just slowed me down too much

On the C&J 1 rep max, I just took my time and did what I knew I could do.  I really wanted that 130#, but just didn't get under it fast enough.  135# is my all-time C&J max, so all things considered I'm happy with 125#.


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