Wednesday, February 18, 2015


...I've got pneumonia. 


I knew after three weeks of not getting any better, and a few added symptoms, it was time to go back to the doctor and get checked over again.  And sure enough, diagnosis is pneumonia. 

I've started a new antibiotic and a steroid.  Hopefully in 7 days, after all the meds, I'll start feeling human again.

In the meantime, I'm working out, but at a severely decreased capacity.  Not pushing myself too hard, no running, no jump rope - nothing that's going to get me too short of breath.  And every spare moment, I'll be resting.

Such is life...just gotta tough it out and get through the rough spots as best we can!

Today Here is what I did:

2 C&J every 2 minutes (didn’t do the push ups) 55#

WOD, Modified:
8 min amrap
8 Deadlifts – 55#
8 Air Squat Box step-ups 20″
8 Power Clean – 55#
8 Air Squat Box step-ups 20″
8 Shoulder to Overhead 55#

2 rds + 8 power cleans

Even though I modified the heck out of everything, it felt good to just have a barbell in my hands, and to be with my CFJ buddies.  Such a huge part of my life!

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