Wednesday, December 4, 2013

If it's not one thing...'s another!

So, last night, Rayus goaded me into signing up for the Downtown Duel.  I came up with a partner and signed up.

And then, I went in this morning and jammed my big toe doing a split jerk.  It hurts like hell!  Any jumping in that competition is going to slow me down.  But, I'm just in it for fun, honestly.

The absolute worst part of it is that I have a Christmas Party this Friday and I NEED to be wearing a pair of heels.  I tried heels this morning before work and OUCH!  However, I simply refuse to wear flats with a dress.  Just ain't gonna happen.  I mean, how sexy is that - flats with a nice cocktail dress?  No way, no how.   I'll wear some damn heels on Friday if it kills me.  It's open bar. Alcohol will be a great pain killer.


3 Rounds for time:

400 Meter run
21 Toes to bar
9 Push jerk (Men 155 lbs, Women 105 lbs)

My time:  17:02, scaled to 65#

This was after said toe injury, so my running was even slower than normal.  S-l-o-w!  I figured out about the 100m mark, it kind of stopped hurting until the next round, so I just kept going.   My toes to bar kip is off in la-la land somewhere.  This was a fun little workout.

Strength today was5 sets of power clean-push press-push jerk-split jerk.  It was here, on the second split jerk, where things went bad for my toe.

first set at 65#, sets 2-5 at 75#

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