Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Hump Day!

So, last weekend we headed over to Eureka Springs for the annual St Patrick's day parade.  What a crew! We had perfect weather for the parade and I managed to contain myself and not drink too much beer.  Well, I drank enough.  Let's just say that. But I'm behaving myself for now. Until some time in mid-April.  Gotta stay on track with healthy eating, and that includes no beer. Just the occasional wine here and there.

So, today's workout was just retarded.  Sorry, Dennis.  But really, it turned out to be just about like I thought it would.  Me doing shit tons of burpees.
11min AMRAP:
Athletes Choice of:

Max Reps Barbell Hang Clean & Jerks (S2O) 135/95 RX+ 175/110 55+ 115/75
Max Reps Dumbbell or KB Hang Clean & Jerks (S2O) 55/35 RX+ 70/45 55+ 45/25
**Catch, every time you drop the Bar, DB or KBs perform -10 Over Bar Burpees

My reps:  33 @ 75#

Went with 75# and was surprised how quickly I fatigued.  I managed sets of 10 before deciding to suffer through burpees.  Ended up doing 3 sets of burpees.  Ick.  Anyway, I worked up a good sweat and feel like I got a good workout.

Rest 3min and strip bar of weights or grab a barbell if using DB or KBs

2min Max Barbell S2O (can set bar down and rest or rest in front, back rack or hang)
Post reps and burpees for AMRAP and reps for “Finisher” to responses.

My reps:  60

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