Friday, January 24, 2014


I had ONE glass of wine last night with dinner and woke up at midnight feeling like I had a hangover.  WTF?  And the rest of that bottle will be disposed of...

So glad it's Friday.  I'm looking forward to a nice get-together with some friends tomorrow night for a beer tasting.  Should be a fun time. 

Come Sunday, it's time for strict clean eating for a good long while.  I have got to lose some of this "vacation" weight!

So there were two WODs posted today, and I actually modified one of them to suit me a little better.  Here's what I did:

5 rounds for time of:

10 pull ups
25′ OH DB walking lunges 15# DB’s
10 push ups
25′ OH DB walking lunges 15# DB’s

My time:  18:44

Even modified, that's still a shitload of pull ups, in my opinion.  Kept the intensity high and finished in a decent enough time.  I had actually been tempted to stay home and row a 5k, but I'm glad I got up and went in.  Lots of people there this morning.  It's always fun to see my CF buddies.


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